Tuesday 12 October 2010

Working on it.....

Good evening, dis comes to yoos from beside Dad on da sofa.  He is playing his computer game, it has a ball in which I can't get an lots of fings running around....I do get tutted at if I lick the screen!
Keeping a close eye on fings.

So I just have to make sure it is known I is watching and making sure everyfing is ok!  It is my job after all.
But I is not a security dog (just in case insurers is reading dis). 
 Dat was one of da questions dat the pet insurance did ask...Dad wanted to ask if licking and possibly weeing on people as they come in counted!  (how embarrassed am I?!  I don't do da excited wee's hardly ever now, I is very lady like)

Mum and Dad have just been going through pet insurance and Mum did look a bit like dis.....
I however was very laid back and was still chewing my big chew, which do still be going, I looked a bit like dis...
But apparently my insurance is all sorted now, and we saved some pennies, which I as declared must be spent on tasty noms for moi!  Seems only fair, dey was being spent on me in the first place!

Now I did wanna find somfing to send to any anipals dat need cheering up, like Marley who was at da vets today to have his teeth cleaning and was waiting a very long time with an empty tummy, and for my other pals that just deserve sumfing nice.... 

....Maybe it just best to say I is working on it!  When I gets them, I'll be sure to share!

Sending lots of Missy Moo hugs and licks to everyone, cos we all need to show da love sometimes!

Sunday 10 October 2010

I likes my W*A*L*K*I*E*S

Now W*A*L*K*I*E*S is a dangerous word for many a doggie, the mention of this word can cause a whole flurry of activity.  So from now I on I will refer to it as an 'Explore'.  Its safer all ways round, especially for me, as even words that sound like the 'W' word, such as Keys, or Talk can get me a little flustered!

I love an Explore, I love to sniff out all thats going on.  I am lucky that Mum and Dad take me lots of nice places for me to explore....I feel I should introduce Mum and Dad......

Dis is Mum and Dad on their recent big explore dat I didn't get to go on cos it was so far away.

Anyways, back to MY exploring, I likes lots of exploring places that we have close to us in Devon, I like the beach, I likes Haldon Forest and I like Woodbury Common, to name a few.

 Dis is me at Haytor, on Dartmoor, its very rare I actually sit still!

 Dis one is me at Dawlish Warren over the summer

 I am getting much braver about water, and now love to get wet!

 This is me back in February when we had snow.  The field behind the house was great fun 
and I liked to chase snow balls!

 This is me just yesterday at Woodbury, this is a massive puddle I enjoyed playing in!

Mum has to be quick to catch me in a photo

But sometimes I is just too fast and you get a photo like dis!!

I quite like going to the field and just chasing my balls sometimes too.  And of course if I am spending time with Nanny and Granddad that has a whole lot of different exploring involved!  But one thing is certain.  After a really good explore you come home looking like this....

And then after having a *whisper* Bath *shake* you have to do a whole lot of this.....

Saturday 9 October 2010


Hello anipals, dis is my first very first blog.....I hopes I gets this right.
I fort I would tell yoos all a little bit about me..... so ere goes.

*clears throat*

I am called Missy, also I gets called Missy Moo and sometimes MooMoo.  I answer to most things, including Monkey.   I live wiv my Mummy and my Daddy, they have had me since I was 8 weeks old. My birthday is 19 July.

Dis is me on my first day at home, I was tired out after the journey!

I did have a lovely toy dat Mummy did buy me and it was called 'Piggy' it came everywhere wiv me when I was little.

Dis is me wiv Piggy, in my basket at my Nanny's house.

Piggy did not stay that pretty colour for long and soon I did play wiv him so much he started to fall apart.  I still find him from time to time, and if someone says to me 'find piggy' I will search him out!

I loves to go on walks, I don't mind where as long as I can sniff lots, and am also lucky dat there is a big field behind home dat I can go to and run really fast on and chase my balls.  I love to say Hello to other doggies, unless I am chasing my balls, nothing can distract me from that!

I hopes yoos all like dis quick first bloggies, I shall get Mum to sort out more photo's so I can do some more soon.  Fanks for reading!  *treats for all*