Sunday 20 March 2011

The weekend the Sun came out!

Ello everyone!  Feels like its been a while since I was last ere.  I as been busy doing doggy type fings and making sure everyone is OK, and has totally forgotten about this blog!

The sun has come out this weekend, and I do love to find a nice spot of sunshine to have a snooze in, nothing makes the world feel a better place than that.

Yesterday I did go to Stover Country park, I not never been there before, and I did go with Mummy, and Nanny and some of Mummy's friends and one special Little Person, who loves me very much (so much so, she has named her toy doggie after me and it do come on walks with us, I fink I behave much better than it does!!)

There was lots to sniff at Stover, tho I wasn't allowed in the water, which I don't fink was very fair, but I finks it so the wildlife doesn't get scared!  I did see grey fings with long tails that did keep running up trees, I just couldn't get close to them!  There was lots of birds, we did see a lovely woodpecker and a nuthatch, and they did all sing pretty songs.

Today, I did go to Totnes Food Market, and did meet another doggie that is on Twitter!  I not never seen another doggie from twitter before, she was lovely and friendly and playful too.  She was only 21weeks old.  That was very exciting!

I did also have a lovely walk along the River Dart too, and I was chasing lots of sticks and having a lovely run.

Yes, I did maybe stop and chew a lot of the sticks too, but that can be the most fun!

Sometimes they were just a little slow at throwing the sticks!

I don't always 'fetch' Like I is told to!

I as had a lovely few days (well most days are lovely if i is being honest!) but its been even more lovely while the sun has been shining. 

I fink it is only right that while I can smell the Chicken roasting, that I hog the sofa and rest, after all its very tiring being an active dog!