Friday 5 November 2010

Beach Babe

*blowing dust off of surface*

Ello everyone, it as been a little time since I was last ere.  But ere I am once again.  It do be fireworks tonight, and it turns out, on dis my second fireworks night, I seem not to like them at all!
Mum did say to Dad, I was a little jumpy last year, but being only little I was easily distracted and just ad a Gruff and a hide if I didn't like it.
This year, I is still gruffing, but I also having a pant and a shiver.  Mum and Dad as tried distracting me, but I is not having any of that.

However, I as ad some wonderful adventures the last few days.  Dad as been on holiday and so I as ad some weekend walks during the week, which I as loved!  And yesterday Mum did have the day off too, and we went on a big adventure to Cornwall.  And I did get to go to Polzeath, which is where Mum spent many summers when she was younger, and still loves going back too.  This was the first time I ad been to Cornwall.

I'm not always good at letting my ball be thrown!

I did a lot of ball chasing, even tho I have to have two balls, as I don't like to give my ball back.  But I am at least getting better at bringing the ball back closer to the ball thrower.  I did go through a phase of running after the ball and just leaving it where it landed!
But I do let Mum have a go

And then Dad (who throws it better!)
Dad is a much better ball thrower than Mum, but I humour Mum and let her have a go for a bit, and then run back to Dad with the ball and make him take over!  Its taken months for me to perfect this sneaky move, but I now have it working perfectly.  
A dog has to cool off!
 I did get really hot chasing the balls, and did find a puddle of water to lie down in, on the beach.  I was enjoying this and cooling off nicely, but another dog did come to say 'ello, and went to sniff my ball (what did you fink it was gonna sniff?!!) and there is one fing I do know, and that is my ball is MY BALL.  Not anyone elses fank yoo.  So I did have to get up, collect my ball and run back to Mum and Dad.  They found this very funny.  I was doing what a doggie as to do.

Enjoying the bit of Autumn sunshine
 I have to admit, after running around for ages and ages, and having all new sniffs to sniff, I was a tired little dog at the end.  I did enjoy having a quiet lie down and soaked up some of the little bit of the sun that was coming thru.
It was a wonderful day, and I did ere Mum and Dad saying if we lived closer it would be a regular walk, well, I wouldn't mind that, I could be a proper beach babe!

I hopes yoos are all having a safe and snuggly fireworks weekend anipals.  I fink I will head to my basket and have a little nap.  I may be young, but I'm not cut out for all this noise!