Wednesday 22 December 2010

Snow Days

Ello boys and girls.....

We has ad some snow.  Which I hear the hoomuns saying is a bit different for Devon, usually we seem to get passed over and miss out on any snow.  We did have some at the start of the year, but i doesn't remeber that.
To start with we did just have a bit of snow, which was fun.

I do like to sniff and eat the snow.  And peemail is much easier to see when it snows! 

Then on monday when Mum and Dad did wake up, it was really snowing, like really really snowing and soon it did look very different to what I is used to.

Mum took this at ground level from the back door, can you just see me?  Being white its quite easy to hide in the snow!

The only trouble I got was at sometimes my belly did keep touching the snow and that was very cold!  Plus everytime I did go out and come in I had to have my paws dryed, and I is not a fan of that!

The snow did look all so pretty outside, I did have to go and do my zoomies around the garden and get it looking a little more lived in!  Dad said I did make it look like ice cream, eating it was cold like ice cream but I doesnt think it tasted like ice cream!

It is still all white outside and chilly on my paws, but luckily now the hoomuns can get about better (they not so good in the snow are they?!)  Apparently it good to be white around christmas....I finks its good being white all the time, I doesnt see any fing wrong with it!  I tell you one fing that i does fink is worng, is snow balls.....they are the worst balls ever, you see them and then you don't, they are such a tease.  If we can sort out making snow balls better that would be great, fanks.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Festive Season

My oh my....I as been a bit slow wiv this!  The parents have been busy and so my 'net time has been lacking!  As you can see from the picture below, I as tried myself, but find my paws are a bit big for the keys!  But anyways,  ello to you all!

So it do be that time of year again, where Santa Paws does be getting ready to come and bring us all lots of treats.  I was only tiny last year, 4 months old, so I doesn't remember much.  But I is liking the pretty lights on the tree that has been put in the front room, really near my basket!  And I am liking getting to sniff all the pretty boxes that are being put underneath the tree.

 I hope Santa paws brings me a few little nice fings.  I av done some shopping for my BFF, he is a cat, called Scratch, and he lives with Mum's friends, what do be my Auntie and Uncle, Scratch also has a brofur what is a rabbit, what I do like to sniff at, and also some chickens, what I dont much care for.  I has brought them all some special fings to have.
 My BFF did send me some post, what did make me very happy.  Dis is what my post was.....

It be an Elf's outfit!  And has pretty bells on what do sound even better when you chase you chase your tail and have funny 5 seconds!  I fanks you Scratch and Auntie for sending it me.  ( I fank Unlce too but he a bit Bah-humbug about Christmas and dressing up, but I sure I melt his heart!)

I likes to dress up, and also have this in my wardrobe....

I can be a raindeer too!  Altho, 'one size fits all', is a bit snug on me, so I doesn't fink they know thems sizes very well.  Last year I was Santa Moo....

I finks I could be a model!  Bol!!

So I want to take this time to wish you and all your families a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2011.  I hopes you all enjoys the celebrations and as lots of fun!

I shall return in the newy year, with lots of festive tales!  Keep safe but have fun!  xx