Monday 7 February 2011

The best place of all....

Ello to yoo, it has been a while, coz Mum as been 'busy' wiv other fings.  I dussen't know wot is more important then me, but apparently sumfings is.  I know, I finks it outragoues too, if I didn't get such nice treats and cuddles I might consider advertising for a new one, or actually I could just go to Nanny and Granddad's, I know they wouldn't have such nonsense!

I av heard a lot of hoomuns saying that them's is not fit and out of shape and funny fings, I dussen't even pretend to understand.  But Mum did take me to the field the other day and did throw nice balls for me (she's still not as good as Dad, but I let it go) and after about 10 minutes I did have to have a lie down, and rest.  Mum did laugh at me (I know, another strike against her) and did say I was much better in the summer even when it was hot!
I'll have yoo know, it was very cold and super windy, and it was hard work not getting blown away and so I did have to use TWICE as much energy, if not more, than normal.

Don't fink it 'elped my case when we did get home and I did take to the kitchen floor to rest. I may have made myself look a little too puffed.

I often get called a 'drama queen' so I was just living up to my name!

I have also found myself a new toy.  I fink it was supposed to be used to hold the door open, but to be honest, that just seemed boring!  I ignored it for a long time, but then I just couldn't ignore it any more.  It kept calling me to play with it, so I just HAD TO. 
Its actually quite heavy, and I do carry it around with me when I is feeling strong!  It has been given the name of 'Pup Pup' and like my old Piggy (what has gone to toy cupboard heaven) I can go and fetch it if I am asked.  I also take it to bed wiv me, Dad say one great lump on the bed is bad enough, two is just silly, I told him that is no way to talk about Mum, and maybe he should go sit quietly and fink about what he's been doing.

After seeing so many of yoo 'ad peanut butter put in yoos Kong Wubba's, I did demand some was brought and that I got to try this.  Thank You!  It's proper lush! I now love kong wubba even more and positivly LOVE peanut butter.  I think we would all be much better off if we cut out the kong wubba and was just given the jar or peanut butter.....I'd be quiet for a looooong time that way!  Maybe we start a campaign?!

Apart from that, I hasn't really been doing much.  Quite a lot of nothing actually, but sometimes its hard to find the best place to do nothing, so you have to try out lots of places, do a bit of nothing and then move on to the next.

Laps are quite nice, as long as they keep still and don't rudely wonder off, 'coz they 'have stuff to do'.

Blankets are quite comfy to lie on, but even better if you can get under them to keep warm, or when they dangle and make a den for you to go under.

Pillows are nice to keep your head up, but can be slippy on the sofa unless you have someone's foot near to wedge them in!

The best place of all, is anywhere the sun gets you! Which is where I am right now.  I'll be glad when the sun is about much more, I love my sun bathing! (can you see my paw work on the patio door!!  BOL Mum just loves me and says I'm lucky I not packed off somewhere else!!)

Now scuse me cos there is more sun coming thru the patio doors what do be calling me to lie in it, and as we learnt from today, somefings are more important than others!