Sunday 3 April 2011

My Busy Sunday

Ello everyfur.

Today do be Mummy's day 'ere in the UK.  I did let my Mummy have a slow start to the day, and did not get to go for a walk until this afternoon, when it did be raining, but at least it wasn't just me that did be getting wet!  I opes all you lovely Mummy's out there have had a super day and as had lots of treats.

Now, even tho I was nice to Mummy, she did make me have a pawdicure this afternoon...and Nanny did have her camera out....

I finks my tongue does say it all

 I sitting like a good girl

 I best be getting some treats after this

I quite likes my pedipaw tool, more then I likes clippers coming at me - and I do get treats for being good.  Just normally there isn't any photographic evidence, coz if anyones asks, I not having my claws done without a fight!!!

When we did go for our walk, we went to Great Granny's house.  She do have lots of new sniffs for me, and she do also have another fing I sniff lots.  I don't really understand it, but sometimes it do move and that makes me wobble my head from side to side watching it.

  He do be called JF, he be a tortoise

He is old and moves very slow
 I likes to lick his face, he not such a fan
JF also has funny food, its out ALL THE TIME, he can just help it seems rude that I don't try it too.  I had some lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  I finks I prefer meat but if its just there to help yourself too I won't say no.
Now Great Granny do be old too (and also moves quite slow as well), she too sometimes has food all over the place, but I don't fink I'm meant to knows that!
I as to be careful when I jumps up to say 'ello to Granny as I can be bit rough, but also she has a call system, that if yoo hit the button people start talking to her to make sure she's OK.  I fink today maybe the first time I not managed to hit that button and hear voices.
Great Granny 

Mummy says this how I gotta be on Granny's lap, I don't fink I mind that.  She keeps still and not always jumping up and down!

I is not resting up, after all those exciting fings, I do gotta build my energy levels back up for when Granddad gets home and the roast chuck is ready.....a dog's day is never done!!

Sunday 20 March 2011

The weekend the Sun came out!

Ello everyone!  Feels like its been a while since I was last ere.  I as been busy doing doggy type fings and making sure everyone is OK, and has totally forgotten about this blog!

The sun has come out this weekend, and I do love to find a nice spot of sunshine to have a snooze in, nothing makes the world feel a better place than that.

Yesterday I did go to Stover Country park, I not never been there before, and I did go with Mummy, and Nanny and some of Mummy's friends and one special Little Person, who loves me very much (so much so, she has named her toy doggie after me and it do come on walks with us, I fink I behave much better than it does!!)

There was lots to sniff at Stover, tho I wasn't allowed in the water, which I don't fink was very fair, but I finks it so the wildlife doesn't get scared!  I did see grey fings with long tails that did keep running up trees, I just couldn't get close to them!  There was lots of birds, we did see a lovely woodpecker and a nuthatch, and they did all sing pretty songs.

Today, I did go to Totnes Food Market, and did meet another doggie that is on Twitter!  I not never seen another doggie from twitter before, she was lovely and friendly and playful too.  She was only 21weeks old.  That was very exciting!

I did also have a lovely walk along the River Dart too, and I was chasing lots of sticks and having a lovely run.

Yes, I did maybe stop and chew a lot of the sticks too, but that can be the most fun!

Sometimes they were just a little slow at throwing the sticks!

I don't always 'fetch' Like I is told to!

I as had a lovely few days (well most days are lovely if i is being honest!) but its been even more lovely while the sun has been shining. 

I fink it is only right that while I can smell the Chicken roasting, that I hog the sofa and rest, after all its very tiring being an active dog!

Monday 7 February 2011

The best place of all....

Ello to yoo, it has been a while, coz Mum as been 'busy' wiv other fings.  I dussen't know wot is more important then me, but apparently sumfings is.  I know, I finks it outragoues too, if I didn't get such nice treats and cuddles I might consider advertising for a new one, or actually I could just go to Nanny and Granddad's, I know they wouldn't have such nonsense!

I av heard a lot of hoomuns saying that them's is not fit and out of shape and funny fings, I dussen't even pretend to understand.  But Mum did take me to the field the other day and did throw nice balls for me (she's still not as good as Dad, but I let it go) and after about 10 minutes I did have to have a lie down, and rest.  Mum did laugh at me (I know, another strike against her) and did say I was much better in the summer even when it was hot!
I'll have yoo know, it was very cold and super windy, and it was hard work not getting blown away and so I did have to use TWICE as much energy, if not more, than normal.

Don't fink it 'elped my case when we did get home and I did take to the kitchen floor to rest. I may have made myself look a little too puffed.

I often get called a 'drama queen' so I was just living up to my name!

I have also found myself a new toy.  I fink it was supposed to be used to hold the door open, but to be honest, that just seemed boring!  I ignored it for a long time, but then I just couldn't ignore it any more.  It kept calling me to play with it, so I just HAD TO. 
Its actually quite heavy, and I do carry it around with me when I is feeling strong!  It has been given the name of 'Pup Pup' and like my old Piggy (what has gone to toy cupboard heaven) I can go and fetch it if I am asked.  I also take it to bed wiv me, Dad say one great lump on the bed is bad enough, two is just silly, I told him that is no way to talk about Mum, and maybe he should go sit quietly and fink about what he's been doing.

After seeing so many of yoo 'ad peanut butter put in yoos Kong Wubba's, I did demand some was brought and that I got to try this.  Thank You!  It's proper lush! I now love kong wubba even more and positivly LOVE peanut butter.  I think we would all be much better off if we cut out the kong wubba and was just given the jar or peanut butter.....I'd be quiet for a looooong time that way!  Maybe we start a campaign?!

Apart from that, I hasn't really been doing much.  Quite a lot of nothing actually, but sometimes its hard to find the best place to do nothing, so you have to try out lots of places, do a bit of nothing and then move on to the next.

Laps are quite nice, as long as they keep still and don't rudely wonder off, 'coz they 'have stuff to do'.

Blankets are quite comfy to lie on, but even better if you can get under them to keep warm, or when they dangle and make a den for you to go under.

Pillows are nice to keep your head up, but can be slippy on the sofa unless you have someone's foot near to wedge them in!

The best place of all, is anywhere the sun gets you! Which is where I am right now.  I'll be glad when the sun is about much more, I love my sun bathing! (can you see my paw work on the patio door!!  BOL Mum just loves me and says I'm lucky I not packed off somewhere else!!)

Now scuse me cos there is more sun coming thru the patio doors what do be calling me to lie in it, and as we learnt from today, somefings are more important than others!

Wednesday 19 January 2011

First Impressions

Woof, so we have been reading for a week now, and have just made it to chapter 15.  Now Mum loves to read, and I did make an awful mistake when I was a newly home and chew a book cover.  I soon learnt.  Mum is a chic lit, autobiography book lover, but has always looked at the classics with a wanting to read them.  Then she took A Level English Literature and had to read Tess of the D’Urbervilles and some of that wanting was lost! Bol

Thankfully we’re finding Pride and Prejudice enjoyable, and even with the funny words that pop up (Mum’s dyslexic and is quite use to not understanding everything she reads!!).  Quite a bit of it has made us smile, and even if it is set in the late 1700’s early 1800’s, how true much within still is today.  (I sounded like quite an intellectual doggie then!) Talking of old fings, mum did start on the ibone for reading, but has swapped back to an old fashioned book!  Some fings will never change.

Anyone else finding it a ‘will they won’t they’ story….I know, I know, we kinda know how it all ends, and have heard much over the years and have even watched some of the tv shows of the book, but haven’t ever read the full book.  It certainly has everyfing a modern day romantic chick lit has.  And somefing that Austen manages to capture is the relationships between husband and wife, families, friends both between male friends and female friends, between those getting to know each other and between those in society. (Altho no dogs so far, horses yes, but horses not as good as dogs and I fink I can run just as fast. I fink a re-write maybe needed).

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

It seems to me that Austen captures a lot of thoughts that people have and manages to put it into words. Often in sentences that you find yourself smiling at and if indeed, you were actually there at the time, maybe even cringing at slightly

We’re loving the portray of the marriage between Mr and Mrs Bennet, and how he plays his wife.  She’ll suggest something he plays it down while actually knowing it to be sensible and to have already made his own plans, as we saw with the meeting of Bingley.  Perhaps quite an honest look at marriage and the difference between males and females! 

We quite like the Bennet sisters, and mum says she can understand and see a little bit of each in her.  But that she very happy that her Mum and Dad didn’t try and find a man for her in the same ways!  Especially in sending her off then letting her stay somewhere else when poorly!  

We finks it captures the getting to know people in a very good light, even when you’re not 100% sure you even want to like them.  It shows the lengths some woman will go to capture the eye of someone (Miss Bingley), and also in Elizabeth and Darcy’s case, the less interest you the more appealing you become. 
 And as for Mr Collins, having only just been introduced in chapter 13, I hope the first impression of him is wrong, and that he isn’t just making amends to benefit himself.  Whatever, we fink Mr Collins is only looking out for number one and may make waves while doing so.

I finks we leave it there for this week.  We as enjoyed reading it so far and is looking forward to what it to come, hopefully lots of dogs, er,I means love and stuff.  We can’t wait to see…..

Saturday 15 January 2011

*B* Day.

Now, let me show yoo where I as just come from.....
*B* day arrived, and as yoo can see, I is not overly appy wiv that fact.  Owever, it did arrive after doing some of this...

 and a lot of this.....

I did av my walk today in Stoke Woods, and I did run, run, run, run and sniff, sniff, sniff lots.  It was quite muddy as we av ad some rain recently.  Not as much as da weather people did say we would, and not as much as some other places, but enough to make it muddy, and enough to make the fields close by look like this......

And also when we was walking one bit of the hill had become a little stream, and did look like this....

Mum and dad did say they was glad they did av their wellies on.  Otherwise they would av got very wet.  Dad and me did wash our boots and paws at one point....

And inbetween my running and my sniffing I did do some jumping and at one point I was jumping from one side of the stream to the other.

Mum did only av the iBone wiv her today, and its not very good with a zommie dog going really really really fast, but I finks the pictures do show my walk nicely.

At the end of the walk I had muddy legs, tummy, tooshie and tail.  I ad rolled in smells, sniffed smells, run through the water, up and down hills and all over the place.  I was glad to get back to the car and av a rest!

(Mum says it doesn't show how dirty I really was!) So although now *B* Day arrived and I now smell of puppy shampoo again, it was totally worth it!  While I dry off and catch up on some sleep, I'll dream of where tomorrow will take me and just how dirty I can get on the adventures that await me!

I do also send lots of tail wags and gentle licks to Marley who do be having an operation on his eyes today.  Marley, I do ope that Lola kept yoos bean bag warm for yoo, and that yoos legs not too wobbly when its all done and that yoo be ome soon my pal.  Make sure yoos hoomuns do gives yoo the best place to rest and lots of treats to keep yoos energy up!  (and do as yoo be told to make sure yoo recovers properly!)

Wednesday 12 January 2011

It's a Book Club!

Wonderful @Oz_theTerrier is the founder Oz's Blog read along wiv us if yoos like! (or click on the logo on the side)

Also if yoos as found yoos way here from the blogs and I don't seem to be following yoo, leave a pawprint and I'll get Mum onto it...... we'se still new to the whole blog community bit!

Now, best let mum get off of here and reading or she'll av nuffin to say next week!!

Sunday 9 January 2011

Sunday Stroll

Evening all. 

I hope everyone do be well.  I is having a lazy evening after a lovely walk at Decoy Country Park, what does be at Newton Abbot.  That does be 12 miles from where I lives.  We tried to go to Haldon Forrest, what is closer, but it did be very busy wiv hoomuns on their bikes, what I fink they got from Santa Paws.  If there lots of bikes (what I do like to chase sumtimes) we avoid it, so that I dosen't have to worry about getting distracted by the bikes.

Decoy does have a big lake in the middle of a sort of Woods.  And a big play park dat if yoos have little hoomuns I imagine would be good fun.  But 4 paws not allowed in there!  So we did go for a nice walk and Mum did have the camera again, dis time wiv fully charged batteries.

It was lovely to see the sun shining again

There was lots to sniff and see.  There was lots on the lake, like some of dem Swans again....
and also some little sail boats, what was going around and did look very nice. 

But a bit close to those Swans if you ask me!  Not sure I would like that one little bit!  The only fing about Decoy is that I can't be off the lead all the time, they have 'areas' where its ok to be off and some where it not.  But I was on my extendable so did still get to explore lots.

I liked to dip my paws and get some of da mud off!!

Mum did keep taking photo's and sumtimes Dad and me did go off to do our own exploring and let Mum catch up when she done.  So sumtimes she did manage to snap us wivout us knowing!!  Cheeky.

There was lots of other dogs there, I did see lots of other Jack Russells, and a runny Spaniel and some Westies and all sorts!  At one point, I was so excited I didn't know what to do so I did do this....

Possibly the stillest I've ever been!

And then at one point we did see some Ducks, they was tucked away on the lake and they looked very nice.

Then at the end, I was being told I was very muddy AGAIN and that I would have to have a bath when I got home, now this did make me still again for the second time on the walk, while I did fink fings over.

I did decide that it had been a loverly walk, and that I had enjoyed getting muddy, and sniffing, and meeting new dogs and everyfink.  So if I had to have a bath, I was ok with that.......*looks around and whispers* since we got home, noone has mentioned the B word again, so I is keeping quiet and hoping I as got away wiv it!