Sunday 3 April 2011

My Busy Sunday

Ello everyfur.

Today do be Mummy's day 'ere in the UK.  I did let my Mummy have a slow start to the day, and did not get to go for a walk until this afternoon, when it did be raining, but at least it wasn't just me that did be getting wet!  I opes all you lovely Mummy's out there have had a super day and as had lots of treats.

Now, even tho I was nice to Mummy, she did make me have a pawdicure this afternoon...and Nanny did have her camera out....

I finks my tongue does say it all

 I sitting like a good girl

 I best be getting some treats after this

I quite likes my pedipaw tool, more then I likes clippers coming at me - and I do get treats for being good.  Just normally there isn't any photographic evidence, coz if anyones asks, I not having my claws done without a fight!!!

When we did go for our walk, we went to Great Granny's house.  She do have lots of new sniffs for me, and she do also have another fing I sniff lots.  I don't really understand it, but sometimes it do move and that makes me wobble my head from side to side watching it.

  He do be called JF, he be a tortoise

He is old and moves very slow
 I likes to lick his face, he not such a fan
JF also has funny food, its out ALL THE TIME, he can just help it seems rude that I don't try it too.  I had some lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  I finks I prefer meat but if its just there to help yourself too I won't say no.
Now Great Granny do be old too (and also moves quite slow as well), she too sometimes has food all over the place, but I don't fink I'm meant to knows that!
I as to be careful when I jumps up to say 'ello to Granny as I can be bit rough, but also she has a call system, that if yoo hit the button people start talking to her to make sure she's OK.  I fink today maybe the first time I not managed to hit that button and hear voices.
Great Granny 

Mummy says this how I gotta be on Granny's lap, I don't fink I mind that.  She keeps still and not always jumping up and down!

I is not resting up, after all those exciting fings, I do gotta build my energy levels back up for when Granddad gets home and the roast chuck is ready.....a dog's day is never done!!


  1. Missy you are sooo good wiv ya nails. I confess to putting up a bit of a fight myself when I has it done (which was also today!). I think you are pawsome to sit on Great Granny's lap like dat and be kind to the tortoise too! And now you looking forward to Roast Dinner! What a luffly day you have had! Love your furiend, AnnieB

  2. Oh, Missy...I would never be so still when the clippers come out! I hope you got lots of treats for being so good!

    I hope your Ma and Great Granny had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  3. Well done Moo. I hate avin my nails clipped so we might investigate your fancy tool. And well done for not eatin or barkin at JF. I like the veggibles so his food might not last long around heres

  4. Lovely blog Moo! You look nice & comfy on Great Granny - her lap is just the right size for you!

    I can't believe you fall for the old "if you're good when I do your pawnails you can have a treat" ploy! Don't let Owner see - you're setting a bad example for all of us!

    I've never met a tortoise. I think I would like to!

    Hope all the Mummys in your family had a lovely day!

  5. Awww fank you all!

    I as to say that I is a sucker for a treat, I do's anyfing for somefing tasty or a ball!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I had a dear friend from the UK, her name was Lucy. She was a JRT too! We were the best of FURiends. She passed away and I do miss her. I love Granny's friend, who would have guessed that a turtle would make a great house companion.