Saturday 15 January 2011

*B* Day.

Now, let me show yoo where I as just come from.....
*B* day arrived, and as yoo can see, I is not overly appy wiv that fact.  Owever, it did arrive after doing some of this...

 and a lot of this.....

I did av my walk today in Stoke Woods, and I did run, run, run, run and sniff, sniff, sniff lots.  It was quite muddy as we av ad some rain recently.  Not as much as da weather people did say we would, and not as much as some other places, but enough to make it muddy, and enough to make the fields close by look like this......

And also when we was walking one bit of the hill had become a little stream, and did look like this....

Mum and dad did say they was glad they did av their wellies on.  Otherwise they would av got very wet.  Dad and me did wash our boots and paws at one point....

And inbetween my running and my sniffing I did do some jumping and at one point I was jumping from one side of the stream to the other.

Mum did only av the iBone wiv her today, and its not very good with a zommie dog going really really really fast, but I finks the pictures do show my walk nicely.

At the end of the walk I had muddy legs, tummy, tooshie and tail.  I ad rolled in smells, sniffed smells, run through the water, up and down hills and all over the place.  I was glad to get back to the car and av a rest!

(Mum says it doesn't show how dirty I really was!) So although now *B* Day arrived and I now smell of puppy shampoo again, it was totally worth it!  While I dry off and catch up on some sleep, I'll dream of where tomorrow will take me and just how dirty I can get on the adventures that await me!

I do also send lots of tail wags and gentle licks to Marley who do be having an operation on his eyes today.  Marley, I do ope that Lola kept yoos bean bag warm for yoo, and that yoos legs not too wobbly when its all done and that yoo be ome soon my pal.  Make sure yoos hoomuns do gives yoo the best place to rest and lots of treats to keep yoos energy up!  (and do as yoo be told to make sure yoo recovers properly!)


  1. Yikes! *B* day...oh, how I hate the bath! I dont think you were anywhere near as dirty as your humans thought. You could have had *B* day at some later time, thats for sure. These humans and their stinky champoo!
    XXX Oz

  2. Oh you are too kind my pal to be finkin of me when you haz to go fru da trauma of a bath. I sneak some smooches yore way for dat.

  3. I don't understand what is wrong with having a muddy undercarriage and paws! It took you ages to get the mud in all the right places & it doesn't deserve a bath! Poor Moo!