Sunday 9 January 2011

Sunday Stroll

Evening all. 

I hope everyone do be well.  I is having a lazy evening after a lovely walk at Decoy Country Park, what does be at Newton Abbot.  That does be 12 miles from where I lives.  We tried to go to Haldon Forrest, what is closer, but it did be very busy wiv hoomuns on their bikes, what I fink they got from Santa Paws.  If there lots of bikes (what I do like to chase sumtimes) we avoid it, so that I dosen't have to worry about getting distracted by the bikes.

Decoy does have a big lake in the middle of a sort of Woods.  And a big play park dat if yoos have little hoomuns I imagine would be good fun.  But 4 paws not allowed in there!  So we did go for a nice walk and Mum did have the camera again, dis time wiv fully charged batteries.

It was lovely to see the sun shining again

There was lots to sniff and see.  There was lots on the lake, like some of dem Swans again....
and also some little sail boats, what was going around and did look very nice. 

But a bit close to those Swans if you ask me!  Not sure I would like that one little bit!  The only fing about Decoy is that I can't be off the lead all the time, they have 'areas' where its ok to be off and some where it not.  But I was on my extendable so did still get to explore lots.

I liked to dip my paws and get some of da mud off!!

Mum did keep taking photo's and sumtimes Dad and me did go off to do our own exploring and let Mum catch up when she done.  So sumtimes she did manage to snap us wivout us knowing!!  Cheeky.

There was lots of other dogs there, I did see lots of other Jack Russells, and a runny Spaniel and some Westies and all sorts!  At one point, I was so excited I didn't know what to do so I did do this....

Possibly the stillest I've ever been!

And then at one point we did see some Ducks, they was tucked away on the lake and they looked very nice.

Then at the end, I was being told I was very muddy AGAIN and that I would have to have a bath when I got home, now this did make me still again for the second time on the walk, while I did fink fings over.

I did decide that it had been a loverly walk, and that I had enjoyed getting muddy, and sniffing, and meeting new dogs and everyfink.  So if I had to have a bath, I was ok with that.......*looks around and whispers* since we got home, noone has mentioned the B word again, so I is keeping quiet and hoping I as got away wiv it!


  1. That dus look like nice walkiez Miss Moo. But wot is it wiv hoomans finking we shuld have barths all the time? Dont dey know we like to be durty and smelly?

  2. I knows Hamish, I finks I am lucky to have escaped it today!! I is hoping dat is the way it stays....paws crossed!!

  3. What a lovely day you had. That looks like a great place to explore. I think I would like to capture one (or more!!) of those little boats to play with. You sit very nicely when you're thinking Missy!

  4. Oh, what a loverly walk you had, Missy! I think I would have barked my fool-head off at those swans and ducks! Maybe give 'em a good chase around the lake!

    I do hope you don't have to have the 'B' word...these humans and their hatred of a little dirt. Good grief.
    xxx Oz

  5. Ello Millie, I finks yoos would like it there, it do be a good place to chase fings! Maybe one day in da summer yoos can find a little boat to chase! I finks it might be a bit too cold to chase them too much now!! xx

    Ello Oz, all is good and no *bath* yet, and so I finks i'll be safe until the weekend, or mum's day off....I shall try to keep clean till then!! Of course wiv the rain today its not my fault if i get messy!!! xx

  6. Looooove the pictures!!! Hugs and licks from Erika and Sebastian.