Monday 3 January 2011

Happy Moo Year!

Ello pals, firstly I would like to wish yoos all a wonderful Moo Year!  I hopes it is filled with treats, tasty noms, toys and all the lovely stuff yoos like!  Also licks and wags to yoos hoomuns and staff, I hopes the moo year is good to thems as well.

I did go for a nice walk on Moo Years day wiv Mum, Dad and Nanny.  Nanny lives close to the river and so we did go exploring along there.  Dad did say he wanted to get his boots muddy, now I said nuffin, but if I get muddy paws I is made to clean them wiv the dirty towel! 

I didn't stand still a lot, so Mum only got this one picture of me on the
explore (that and the batteries died)
Now, also while we was exploring, we did notice that the Swans was looking funny.  I say we, but I knows to stay away from the big white bird, yoos gotta show thems respect!  I is not daft.  So, the hoomuns noticed the swans did look funny, and then they say it was coz the river was still frozen in places from the nasty cold spell what did come before the moo year.

 Walking on Water
It did look funny and yoos could see it slipping
The swan was making everyone giggle as it kept slidding to the bit of river that wasn't frozen.  I not sure they will be dancing on ice any time soon, thems need a bit more practice if yoos ask me!  And the funny fing was that just up a bit further was the real river, not frozen, and yet quite a few swans was on the frozen bit!  Thems not very clever if yoos ask me.

On the way back from the walk, after the camera went to sleep (luckily for me) I did find a nice smell, and did have a loverly roll in it.  It did turn my head and neck green!  Everyone said I was a stinky dog and would have to have a b*a*t*h when I got home!!  Which I did, but I made sure Dad knew who was in charge during bath time ;)
And now I share a few pictures wiv yoos from Christmas day......I did get to see Mum's Gran on Christmas, and I is always told to be gentle round her, cos she is 90, and I can be a bit bouncy for an old lady.... this is me being gentle and saying 'ello Gran'.

Ello Gran....

After saying ello to everyone and having a good sniff at all the presents Nanny and Granddad did gives me one all for myself.  It was nommy.....

A lovely tasty rawhide bone, which did last me approximately 5 seconds and then I was back sniffing at what everyone else did have.  And the silly red thing on me?  Did stain me pink!  I'd rather be an elf any day!!

Well my pals, I will leave it there, I has to get back to the seat stealing game, bit like musical chairs, only it just envolves me stealing which ever spot has just become free before the person returns....zooooooommmmiiiieeeesssss


  1. Missy, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I got a rawhide too on Christmas, but haven't chewed it up yet as I was working on my pigs ear first!

    The swan looks very big...we have big ducks here but I never did see a swan. Maybe they are as mean as the big ducks we have?!?

    Happy Moo Year!
    Your furiend, Oz xxx

  2. Swans are definitely best avoided! I nearly had an altercation with 1 when I dropped a ball near it & then Owner told me to get it. It hissed at me & I barked at it...etc, then I dodged in quick to get my ball back!

    How come it's not ok for you to be green if you want, but it's ok for the humans to turn you pink?

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Happy Moo year to you too!

  3. Oz, swans can be nasty! Dey hiss and flap and stuff. Yoo has mean ducks?! Ducks here ju quack a lot and waddle.
    Millie, I like your finking, if I wanna be green I should be allowed! Mind, the green did have a 'smell' about it, the pink didnt!! I'll keep thi in mind for the future tho, and shall call you to help argue my point!!